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Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 06:39:21 EDT

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On the Gospel of John I think that C. K. Barrett's commentary deals well
with the syntax of the Greek text.
<p>On Thessalonians there is an excellent commentary in French by Beda
Rigaux, <u>Saint Paul.&nbsp; Les epitres aux Thessaloniciens</u> (Etudes
bibliques; Paris: J. Gabalda; Gembloux: J. Ducolot, 1956), which really
does deal with the Greek text in detail.&nbsp; In English there is the
lengthy older commentary by G. L&uuml;nemann, <u>Critical and Exegetical
Handbook to the Epistles of St. Paul to the Thessalonians</u> (this was
an English translation of the first edition of the Meyer-Kommentar) published
by T. &amp; T. Clark in 1880.
<p>Probably most commentators who are dealing with the Greek text assume
that their readers know Greek and have access to reference grammars like
Moulton-Turner or Blass-Debrunner-Funk.&nbsp; I am quite enthusiastic about
the new grammar by Daniel Wallace, <u>Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics</u>.&nbsp;
For tough grammatical questions I would turn first either to Wallace or
to Smyth, <u>Greek Grammar</u>.
<p>Frank W. Hughes
<br>Codrington College


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