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Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 04:38:32 EDT

on 06/01/00 1:59 AM, Tony Stark wrote:

> Hi,
> Can someone tell me what the different is between the UBS 26 and 27 edition
> or (NA26 and NA27)? If you have the 26th edition of the greek text,is it
> necessary to purchase the 27th edition?
> thanks. tony stark :-)


UBS has seen editions 1 through 4, so you must mean NA26 & 27.

NA27 includes a few more Papyri in the textual apparatus, up through 90
something. Also the type is a little larger (not much) and a little easier
to read. There also was some error correction done between NA26 & 27. If you
can still read NA26, then unless you are very excited about a few additional
papyri, why not save your money and use it to buy Ruben Swanson's books from
BIBAL press. Ruben Swanson's books are a vast improvement over the NA27 for
textual study however he has not finished the whole NT.


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