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From: yochanan bitan (ButhFam@compuserve.com)
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 12:34:18 EDT


With Carl's permission, I would like to let the list know of a Demo CD of
Koine Greek Reading available.

The CD contains four reading selections (Mt 6.9-13, Lk 14.16-24, Lk 15.3-9
and Jn 21.1-14) and comes with hard copy texts and glossaries. There is
also a five-page introduction explaining the pronunciation system and
citations exhibiting "emic values" of Roman period Koine Greek. It is a
Demo of two planned, 65-minute CDs which should be out sometime this
summer. The first one will be NT texts, the second Hellenistic historical

What are these for?
Well, you get to practice listening to Koine Greek in an educated
approximation to what audiences would have heard and understood in the
Roman Period. The speed of the reading approximates natural storytelling so
it can serve as a language learning tool. It is an encouragement to get
into the texts further. The CD also exemplifies what is meant by 'Emic
Koine', so it serves an academic purpose as well. Hopefully, the Demo CD
can inititate discussion of how to get 'from here to there' in Koine Greek.

The cost is US $9 to cover CD, burning, materials and air postage from
Israel. A $5 reduction on the final NT CD will be given to those who
purchase the Demo.
Those that would like a copy of the above should contact me offlist and
send a $9 check (or equivalent check in major national currency) to:

Dr. Randall Buth
POB 82340
90805 Ma'oz Tzion

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