Re: Translation and Explanation?: EN PASHi KTISEI

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Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 11:13:28 EDT



You wrote:

>Having now conceded the translation as "all of creation," does the EN >plus
>Dative prep. phrase help in resolving the seemingly difficult, if >not
>historically inaccurate, inference that the gospel was preached in >ALL

Let me first quote two of Carl's responses:

>But EXPLANATION or EXPLICATION could be a virtually endless

and, Carl said:

>... but arise only after it has been determined that EN PASHi KTISEI >must
>mean "in all creation."

Let me say first of all that I am very grateful
that Carl is this List's "policeman." Dr. Bowman once
told me that any theological position can be "defended."
Which is to say, if we allow theological discussions into
this List, you will essentially get into a
theological Ping-Pong match, a most unproductive exercise.

Perhaps to clarify myself by using Carl's second comment above,
I would reword it to read:

"but arise only after it has been determined that EN PASHi KTISEI
would naturally be translated "in all creation."

I would then proceed as follows:

EN PASHi KTISEI could possibly be translated:
"to every creature"
"with reference to each creature"
"toward each creature"
"in the sphere of all creation"

Then, once these options are listed (there may be more),
I would proceed to flesh out the semantics of each one.

For example, the last one might address your concern:

"which was proclaimed in the sphere of all creation."
(hence, a reference to the geographical permeation,
rather than "to every single human being that has ever lived.")

At this point, you are about to 'cross the line' into
theological considerations. And this is where it
should STOP. To discuss the implications of a translation
as to how it impacts theological issues would be
off-limits, and unnecessary, on B-Greek (not B-Theology).

I believe we cross the line once we go beyond its
semantical constraints.

Finally, if you are not convinced that theological debate
generally degenerates into "flame throwing" (thanks for
that expression, Carl), simply join any theological
group at egroups.

Feel free to correct anything I have said, Carl! I would
naturally default to your position.


B. J. Williamson

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