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> In fact, because Herodias was his cousin and niece, it was incestuous for
> Herod Antipas to be married to her. It is this that John the Baptist condemns


The late William Lane* commenting on Mk 6:17-29 in his commentary on Mark
(Eerdmans 1974, p219) has a foot note on Herod and Herodias which reads:

> Lev. 18:13 explicitly forbids the marriage of a nephew to his aunt, but says
> nothing of the marriage of and uncle to his niece. While such marriages were
> allowed by some rabbis they were contested by others, by the Sadducees and the
> provisions of the Damascus Covenant . . . There is no reflection on this
> aspect of the Law in Mark or Josephus.

Lane refers a number of times to this relationship between Herod and
Herodias as adultery, never as incest or PORNEIA. It has been over 25 years
since Lane's book was published so these comments may now need some


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*As far as I know William Lane was the only widely known NT Scholar to ever
live and teach in Seattle, WA. Perhaps there are a few professors at the
Fuller extension or SPU who would contest this statement, like Robert Wall
at SPU for instance. I never had any contact with William Lane but several
of my friends knew him and like him a lot.

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