PROISTHMI and Visionary Leadership

From: Mark Nichols (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 05:34:05 EDT

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<DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2>According to Thayer, PROISTHMI refers to one who is
"set or placed before others", or "set over" them. The word also implies
"superintendance", "protectorship" or "guardianship", "caring for and giving
attention to" those in one's care. Louw and Nida add the implication of "giving
guidance" and "being active in helping". </FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2>From the way PRISTHMI is used in Romans 12:8, 1
Thessalonians 5:12, 1 Timothy 3:4,5,12 and 1 Timothy 5:17 does it imply the
'visionary leader' or the 'watchful maintainer of activity in the church'? Can
it be used to mean both?</FONT></DIV>
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