Re: What is the correct pronunciation of Pseudepigrapha?

From: David McKay (
Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 08:42:59 EDT

It is a shame that many scholarly works do not give received pronunciation
of standard terminology. This means that well read people who don't get out
much often have curious ways of pronouncing things, because they have never
heard the words they read said out loud! My dad used to enjoy reading, but
had little contact with any people who could tell him how things were
pronounced, resulting in him talking about BEE tha ven for Beethoven, and
lots of other howlers.

One of my own gaffes comes from taking my teacher's pronunciation for
LEGGIERO, Italian musical term meaning "play lightly." I have always said le
JEER rio, but it must be le JAIR o, but I only recently realised this.
David McKay

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