Oral Proficiency in Koine

From: Barbara Haney (mlm@mosquitonet.com)
Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 18:42:43 EDT


There were a few messages in the digest regarding teaching Koine to develop
oral proficiency.

I don't know to what extent this would help anyone, if nothing else, some of
you more advanced scholars might find it rather amusing....

For windows users... right click and save target as to download if you are
interested in seeing how I teach verb conjugation....


The files are in Windows Media player, but should be playable with any
standard avi player. The files have both sound and video. They are about as
compressed as I could get them. They won't be up for ever.... as the files
are pretty large. It is the oral work that we do before we do written
translation work.

If we are doing anything wrong, or if you have further suggestions, I'd
appreciate knowing. I also have her doing nouns, and if there is interest, I
can put a few of those up too.... the procedure is rather similar, just I
have the noun endings up rather than the verb endings. It gets a little
redundant if you watch too many verbs, and I think you will get the point
through watching these two.

If anyone has any additional suggestions or comments, I'd welcome them.


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