Re: I need help (DUHHH-correction!)

From: Randy Leedy (
Date: Sat Jun 10 2000 - 18:00:27 EDT

Well, Carl, I guess I didn't get my tongue far enough into my cheek
for my intent to be obvious. I really was playing. I guessed correctly
what you meant the first time, despite the slip, whatever it was, and
your first follow-up completely removed any question. Then I got
foolish and now things are a real mess. Again, jsut kidding. Sorry
that the intended humor didn't quite make it across. I felt that if I
were more overt I would be overdoing it to the point that it wouldn't
be funny at all. I suppose it's only marginally humorous as it is.

Should have kept my nose in the book. Still, I enjoyed it and, in
case my tone still isn't coming across quite right, I'm intending this
as a light, not a grovelling, apology, assuming that my misjudgment
also was a light one.

Randy Leedy

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