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Date: Sat Jun 10 2000 - 23:24:00 EDT

At 2:46 PM +1200 6/11/00, N & RJ Hanscamp wrote:
>Dear all
>I have just finished reading both the Iliad and the Odyssey in English
>(Picard. OUP, 1952). I am now wondering if I should attempt it in
>Greek. Can someone please tell me the name and publisher of a readable,
>and easily obtainable greek version of either or both of these. Should I
>attempt this, or start on something else?

There are on-line versions of the Greek texts at Helmut Van Thiel's site,
where there are several Homeric resources available, assuming you can read

and, of course, also at the Perseus web site:
(now with mirrors at Oxford in UK and in Berlin, Germany. The Greek texts
available at the Perseus site are those from the Loeb editions, and if
you're new to Homeric Greek, you may find the Loeb editions the most useful
for your purposes; they are, of course, readily available from Harvard
University Press, but the copyright expired long ago--this is the A.W.
Allen edition.


You can read these Greek texts either in transliterated form or you can
configure your browser to read them in a Greek font suitable for your own
computer platform and browser.

The standard critical editions of Iliad and Odyssey remain the Oxford
Classical Texts--2 volumes of each epic published by Oxford University
Press and edited by A.T. Murray.


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