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From: Mike Sangrey (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 10:24:29 EDT

Doug.Paul@GD-CS.COM said:
> Is there a greek text book that encourages Hale's approach and poses
> the kinds of questions the reader must have as they read along? said:
> Wm. Gardner Hale's "The Art of Reading Latin:
> How to Teach It" (

Very good question!

As a 'little Greeker' I read through Hale's article and thought it was

I view 'thinking Greek' (or any language for that matter) from the perspective
of an author. An author will try to make his meaning known. And a good
author, or even a mediocre one, will bring his or her reader along by
developing the thought in the reader's head a piece at a time. Hale's
approach to teaching a language mirrors well this process. Which, it
intuitively appears to me, to be just the way we are wired, and therefore,
given the wiring, it would be the way we would learn a language.

If anyone knows the answer to Doug Paul's question, send it on. If no one
knows the answer, then this 'little Greeker' suggests that someone on this
list has a market opportunity. :-)

Mike Sangrey
Landisburg, Pa.
       Every Christian library should have a plaque which states:
            "There is one book that explains all of these."

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