From: Glenn Cook (pule67@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 18:26:37 EDT

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<P>Dear b-greek list</P>
<P>Many members have mentioned Lexicons and other books and CDs that they
recommend and I appreciate them doing so, as I learn about books, etc. that I
did not know about. Not being in an academic atmosphere, this, along with the
exchange of ideas, is needed and appreciated.</P>
<P>I have been looking for a good Greek-English lexicon and have followed up on
many of your suggestions only to find that the book was too expensive for
<P>Now I have a chance for the free use of "The complete Word Study Dictionary
of the New Testament" by Spiros Zodhiates TH.D. published by AMC Publishers
Chattanooga, TN 37422. AMC International 1992 revised 1993. ISBN
<P>Being what Jonathan Robie calls a Little Greek, or I should say, a very
Little Greek, I have no way of judging the reliability and accuracy of the
<P>Will one or more of you scholars please be kind enough to inform me as to how
dependable this book is? May I trust it to be authentic, the information to be
unquestionable. If it is a book I can rely on in my studies I now have a
dictionary. Hurray! And if it is not adequate, I am still looking.</P>
<P>Thank you for your kindness in letting a "Very Little Greek" on here and
taking the time to advice him.</P>
<P>Glenn Cook</P>
<P>P.O. Box 123</P>
<P>Aurora, Utah</P>


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