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on 06/16/00 6:38 AM, abilene wrote:

>Two days ago, sending a
> message for the first time, I forgot to indicate the subject. The
> translatation from french is not very easy, and the explanation seemed perhaps
> obscure Please, let me try again...

Hello Sylva,

I went back and read your other post on this and also Jason & Mike's
previous contributions to this topic. The question of Pauline chronology
appears to be a difficult one so I will stick to the questions of semantics
and syntax.

> It seems important to distinguish DIA from META.

Perhaps this may be an occasion when DIA + Genitive will function
semantically in a similar manner to META + Accusative. F.F. Bruce* states
that we cannot solve the chronology problem you are addressing by drawing a
distinction between META in Gal 1:18 and DIA in Gal 2:1.

I think F.F. Bruce got it right on this one. I took an hour to look at what
the standard grammars and lexicons had to say about DIA + Genitive used to
indicate a temporal relationship. There seemed to be substantial agreement
that in a few isolated cases DIA + Genitive will indicate an event
"subsequent to" without any indication of extension or duration (i.e., going
through). This is not the most common use of DIA + Genitive but it is a
possible use which should be kept in mind. I am not sure how much impact
this has on your argument. Possibly none at all.

> In another Epistle Paul said: " I know a man in Christ from fourteen years
> ... such an one caught up to the third heaven" 2 Co 12/2. A"man in Christ
> from fourteen years " means that he had been baptized fourteen years ago.

F.F. Bruce* concludes that these two 14 year periods are unrelated. The
arguments having to to with Pauline chronology are complex and much of the
discussion falls outside of issues having to do with NT Greek grammar.

I know this is not a very satisfying answer but the Pauline experts seem to
be taking a long weekend.


Clayton Stirling Bartholomew
Three Tree Point
P.O. Box 255 Seahurst WA 98062

*F.F. Bruce, NIGTC, Galatians, 1982

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