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Date: Sun Jun 18 2000 - 06:56:41 EDT

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<div>At 12:41 AM -0700 6/18/00, Daniel E. Barnes wrote:</div>
<div>&gt;my question concerns a passage in Jewish Antiquties 20.234
which says:<br>
&gt;He (i.e. Joshua b. Jehozadak) and his decendants, fifteen in all,
held the<br>
&gt;office until the reign of Antiochus Eupatorů<br>
&gt;-Josephus, Jewish Antiquitites, 20.234 (LCL)<br>
&gt;I can see from listings of High Priests of the Second-Temple
period that<br>
&gt;there were 15 High Priests from Joshua b. Jehozadak to Menelaus
b. Simon II<br>
&gt;(whom was deposed by Antiochus). Yet the way the English is for
both the<br>
&gt;Loeb edition of Josephus and the Wilston translation makes it
sounds as if<br>
&gt;the reference &quot;fifteen in all&quot; refers to his
decendants, which would make 16<br>
&gt;including Joshua b. Jehozadak. (Perhaps it is my misunderstanding
&gt;English.) My question is, is the Greek more precise than the
English? If so,<br>
&gt;what might be a better way to render this passage so as to bring
this out?<br>
<div>&gt;Thanks for any help in this matter,</div>
<div>Surely the AUTOS attached to hOUTOS sets &quot;He HIMSELF apart
from hOI EGGONOI AUTOU, doesn't it? I would understand PENTEKAIDEKA
SUNAPANTES as appositional ONLY to hOI EGGONOI AUTOU. Moreover the
verb LAMBANEI is singular, which suggests that KAI hOI EGGONOI AUTOU
PENTEKAIDEKA SUNAPANTES is an appended subject. &quot;He himself--and
his kinsmen numbering fifteen altogether--continually held (the
office) until the kingship of Antiochus Eupator.&quot;</div>
<div>Whiston's translation at Perseus seems to me to be making this
distinction: &quot;<font color="#000000">Now he and his posterity,
who were in all fifteen, until king</font><font color="#0000FF"><u>
Antiochus</u></font><font color="#000000"> Eupator,</font>

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