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Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 11:41:47 EDT

At 04:00 PM 000620 +0100, abilene wrote:
> B. Ward Powers wrote
><<the Epistle to the Galatians was written in 48, which would make it
>his first extant
>writing; the recipients would be the South Galatians whom he visited on
>First Missionary Journey; and this epistle would be written
>contemporaneously with Paul's contention with the Judaizers coming to
>Antioch (Acts 15:1) bringing the same teaching that he answers in this
> According to the First Epistle to the Corinthians, Simon was called
>KHFAS by Paul and the Corinthians. This Epistle was not written before
>In Galatians too (Gal 1/18, 2/9,11,14 ) Simon was called KHFAS, but in
>the chapter two (Gal 2/7,8) Paul was begining to give the translation
>Peter adopted in the Gospels.
>Considering your interesting proposition, which explanation can be

Sylva, please be assured that it is not my proposition. It is usually
referred to as the "South Galatian Theory" (referring to those believed to
be the recipients of this epistle), and it is widely held by many scholars
on other grounds. What I have done is raise for comment the idea that in
the use by Paul of DIA (rather than META) in Gal 2:1 there could be support
for the fourteen years of this verse overlapping with the three years of
1:18, and thus for an early date (48) for the writing of this epistle, and
thus in its turn for the South Galatian Theory (because in 48, South
Galatia was the only part of Galatian territory which Paul had visited).

I am not aware of a case being argued for being able to date the time of
writing of New Testament books relative to each other on the basis of
whether they call Peter by that name or KHFAS or indeed Simon or Simeon, as
also occurs. Has such a study been done, and are you alluding to it?



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