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Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 06:58:04 EDT

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&lt;&lt;I am not aware of a case being argued for being able to date the
time of
<br>writing of New Testament books relative to each other on the basis
<br>whether they call Peter by that name or KHFAS or indeed Simon or Simeon,
<br>also occurs. Has such a study been done, and are you alluding to it?>>&nbsp;
B. Ward Powers
<br>To enter a debate on the date of the epistle is not my intention, but
to underline chronological landmarks. I thought that the change KHFAS to
Peter in Galatians, was the sign of an evolution in the way of calling
the apostle; but by reading again the epistle I notice that I am wrong.
In fact, the name PETROS&nbsp; in Gal 2/7 and 8 seems important at a literary
level; by giving the meaning of the&nbsp; aramean name KHFAS (stone), Paul
gave more weight to the image of the column symbolizing the apostle (Gal
2,9). PETROS represented his vocation: solidity towards the Alliance of
the circumcision. Paul seemed to have always known Simon under the name&nbsp;
KHFAS, but in Galatians he made an interpretation of the "nickname" given
by Jesus to Simon&nbsp; (as the evangelists, each for their way: Lke 22/32-34
PETRE!&nbsp; Jn 1,42 BAR IWNA;&nbsp; Mt 16/17-18 ).
<p>Respectfully,<font size=+2></font>
<p>S. Abil&egrave;ne


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