[b-greek] EN + dative

From: Mark Wilson (emory2002@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 15:29:18 EDT

I would like some clarification on this comment I found in my Grammar book.

In the verse of Eph. 5:18, where EN PNEUMATI can be translated "be filled
[with, by, in] the Spirit," the following conclusion is reached:

"Believers are to be filled BY Christ, BY MEANS OF the Spirit,
WITH the content of the fullness of God."

Christ is said to be the "agent" of filling. The "fullness of God" is said
to be the contents of this filling, and the Spirit is the MEANS BY which
this is done.

How does "agent" and "means" function?

Christ is the "agent." The agent of what?

The Spirit is the "means." The means of what?

Can anyone perhaps use an analogy that is very basic so I can "visualize"
these concepts?

At this point I have the following image: Christ hands the fullness of God
to the Spirit, and then the Spirit places this fullness in the believer.

Thank you,

Mark Wilson

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