[b-greek] Re: BDAG (U/Chg's new date)

From: Jim West (jwest@highland.net)
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 09:53:27 EDT

At 09:40 PM 6/22/00 -0700, you wrote:

>I'm beginning to think that what U/Chg really means by the new date is
>9-18-[30]00! Ugh. This time, I swear I'll not get my hopes up
>again...again...again... <g>

the reason i am so cynical about this thing is because they have been
announcing it since i was 11 and now im 39...

(just kidding, but it has been a LONG time- and i just dont believe them any



oh by the way--- if its out in September my offer to sing on my roof and
video tape it still stands. i know the original offer expires in august,
but thats how confident i am that the thing will not appear in our lifetime.
its like the parousia... with UCHICAGO a 1000 years is really a day and a
day is really a thousand years.


Survey data shows that 98% of Jews approved Janet Reno's retrieval of Elian
Gonzalez. They know what it is like to be trapped in Miami with relatives.


Jim West, ThD

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