[b-greek] Re: BDAG (U/Chg's new date)

From: Frank W. Hughes (fwhughes@sunbeach.net)
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 15:26:31 EDT

I think that it's helpful for all of us to be aware that there is a
difference between the careful lexicographical work of Frederick Danker,
who has been a remarkably productive and exact scholar for many years,
and various problems that the University of Chicago Press must have
encountered in bringing the book to production. I hope that the long
delays mean that the great tradition of Walter Bauer et alii will
continue to issue in a highly accurate lexicon that will be uniquely
helpful to students of the NT and other early Christian literature. I
know of no other Greek lexicon in any other modern languages that does
for the NT/ECL part of Hellenistic Greek what Bauer's lexica have done.

Having worked with another press before and having been around other
authors that worked with other presses, I can tell you that unforeseen
delays really do happen. They often have nothing at all to do with what
the author has submitted, but rather the internal personnel and
sometimes financial problems of the press. Sometimes a press is
overcommitted in terms of the titles it can bring out in a particular
year, based on staffing of typesetters and copy editors. Sometimes the
press is ready with the plates, but cannot get a date with the printer
it wants to use. Or sometimes the press had a delay, and it then missed
its date with the printer, which must be booked many months in advance.
When I was in seminary and graduate school, there were authors of books
who would say, "Whatever publication date Fortress gives you, add one
year to it!"

I hope this means that the University of Chicago Press will give at
least a 50% discount to scholars who buy this lexicon at the Society of
Biblical Literature Annual Meeting in Nashville!

Frank W. Hughes
Codrington College

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