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From: Eric S. Weiss (eweiss@gte.net)
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 00:17:19 EDT

A rather recent edition of this Analytical Lexicon mentions (as I recall)
that there were a number of errors in the original that went uncorrected
for a long time, hence the recent update/correction.

Also, Zondervan publishes an Analytical Lexicon by William Mounce that is
also keyed to Mounce's Morphology book.

In his intro, Mounce writes: "If used as a crutch, the student will never
develop a true facility with the language. And it may lull laypersons into
a false sense of security, thinking that because they can parse a word,
they therefore know what it means. ... Who should not use this volume? (1)
A first-year Greek student. The only way to learn the language is to
struggle. ... (2) Those who know a little Greek ... because a cursory
exposure to Greek cannot convey the complexity and beauty of the language."
He then goes on and explains who should use it, and why and how.

> I have a lexicon that I use heavily, and treasure greatly. But
> it has no date of publication, and my curiosity as to its vintage
> has risen, and I wonder if anyone can place it.
> It's published by Harper and Brothers, no date, and it's called
> The Analytical Greek Lexicon:

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