[b-greek] Re: EN TWi ONOMATI MOU

From: Jim West (jwest@Highland.Net)
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 15:05:21 EDT

At 06:36 PM 6/25/00 +0000, you wrote:

>I have two questions regarding his translation:
>He translates this "in accordance with."

its somewhat of an "over-reading". by this i mean it is much more
interpretive than the preposition itself means. it means merely in, by,
with. he is interpreting here and neither translating nor exegeting.

>Is this acceptable? It comes close
>to Wallace's Standard use of EN, "according to the standard of."

wallace over reads here too if thats what he says.

>He indicated that this word had many meanings. such as:
>1. all that a name implies or covers
>2. authority
>3. character
>4. rank
>5. majesty
>6. power
>7. excellence
>Based on this list, he translates it "legacy" which he says kind of groups
>them all together. Is this acceptable?

over reading again. onomatos merely means "name". the verse merely says
"if you ask anything in my name..." etc. what that means is open to
interpretation; but to suggest that the greek implies the chosen reading is
eisegetical manipulation of the text rather than responsible exegetically
based interpretation.

>I guess I have always had a question on the formula "in His name." This
>seems to make a lot of sense to me, but wondered if others could confirm

to pray in the name of someone simply means to ask it on their authority.
if i am the messenger of a king and i am sent to a foreign land as his
representative and i ask for his assistance in conducting a war against a
common enemy, i am asking not in my own name but in the name of the one who
sent me. to ask in the name of jesus, then, is to ask the father for
something which jesus wants. in effect i become the emissary of jesus to
the father-- saying in essence, jesus sent me to get this from you or to ask
this of you.

"legacy" is both a faulty rendering of this phrase and obfuscating. ask
yourself what it means to ask in the legacy of someone....




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