[b-greek] Re: Reasons Not To Study Greek

From: TAYLOR, MARK D [FND/1000] (MARK.D.TAYLOR@stl.Monsanto.com)
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 10:53:50 EDT

Obviously, from the answers received so far, the reasons to study Greek, and
not to study Greek, depend largely on your view of the inspiration of the

Personally, I view the New Testament as 100% inspired, and I believe that
every lexical and grammatical feature is inspired. Therefore, the more I
learn about those details, the more I am learning about what God has
inspired. But I understand that many don't hold to 100% inspiration, and so
don't have the same reasons for reading the NT in Greek.

And there is a balance between thinking you can solve every exegetical
problem from the Greek, and thinking it will not help with any problem. Some
of the posts on this topic have, in my opinion, been a bit too extreme on
the side that it won't help with any exegetical issues.

I have been studying Greek and reading the NT in Greek for about three years
now, and for me:
- It has given me more confidence in our main English translations
- It has helped me understand many passages better
- It has helped me make up my mind on some controversial issues

Mark Taylor

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