[b-greek] re: reasons not to study Greek

From: Suedaleg@aol.com
Date: Sat Jul 01 2000 - 04:46:57 EDT

This has been an interesting line. I have over the years heard and
experienced many of the reasons both for and for not learning Greek.

I would like to add agreement to Barbara Haney's discussion. Until somtime
in the 1970's a person was not thought truly educated unless he/she had
learned a foreign language. (Bi-lingual did not count). I found that when I
learned Greek. the English grammar I learned through 12 years of the public
schools' misteaching began to make sense.

I have used the Greek in some other strange ways. I have helped my wife
learn medical terminology by explaining the origins of some of the really odd
words. I think I am a better speller now because I better understand the
history of our language. Yes, English spelling really does make sense, but
only if you understand the meanings of the words. I sometimes get a good
chuckle when I run across a word like AFRON = "mindless?"(Luke 12:18). And
sometimes I just need to keep my brain from atrophying.

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