[b-greek] Re: Reasons Not To Study Greek

From: wcdjones (wcdjones@pilot.infi.net)
Date: Sat Jul 01 2000 - 08:22:47 EDT

What a fascinating series of posts. I love this list, and
its wonderful range of folks.

A thought on why to study or not to study Greek from a newbie.
There is a scene in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,"
which is a favorite movie of mine (and filled with some
very interesting theology IYAM), where Indy
encounters a fierce fellow who is guarding the Holy
Grail. They have been trying to kill each other, naturally.
this being an Indiana Jones movie.
The man has information Indy wants, and asks him, why
do you seek the Grail (fearing it is for a base purpose), and
Indy says, I'm not seeking the Grail. I'm trying to find my
father. The answer is the right one, and he gets the info.

Studying Greek in and for itself must surely be a worthy
pursuit. I've had a terrifically interesting time just getting
drawn into the language. I can fool around saying AHA!
in the lexicon for hours, when I was supposed to be
looking up just one word. But I think sometimes that WHY we get
drawn into various pursuits makes quite a difference in the
experience itself, and the outcome.

Me, I started Greek last December because they won't let
me take NT at Union seminary in September without it. I
figure that answer qualifies me for an Indiana Jones answer.
But as with so many other pursuits and pathways we fall into
for one odd reason or other (such as taking one action on
one day "by accident" and meeting the person we end up
marrying) -- the consequences can be both unpredictable
and maybe even providential. So it is with knowledge and
the love of learning. You can't ever predict or control the
end and the product of it, and sometimes the more open
we are to these unpredictable and rich outcomes, the more
beautiful the experience.

Connie Jones
Norfolk, Virginia

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