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From: Noel Fitzpatrick (noel.fitzpatrick@ucd.ie)
Date: Sun Jul 02 2000 - 12:30:17 EDT

Did Jesus say SU LEGEIS?

I read with interest in Moulton's Grammar "That Jesus Himself and
the Apostles regularly used Aramaic is beyond question, but that
Greek was also at command is almost equally certain." (J H
Moulton 'A Grammar of New Testament Greek', Vol 1, p 8, 3rd
Edition). Thus it appears that Jesus would have spoken in Greek
to the centurion (Matthew 8:13) and to Pilate, as recounted in all
four Gospels.

In all the synoptic gospels it is reported that he said SU LEGEIS
(Mt. 27:11, Mk. 15:2 and Lk. 23:3) In John Jesus said more to
Pilate (18:34, 36 and 37) In verse 37 Jesus said SU LEGEIS hOTI

Thus all four gospels report that Jesus said SU LEGEIS. Therefore
can one take it that these really are the actual words of Jesus?


Noel Fitzpatrick.

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