[b-greek] Re: apologies ( hUIOQESIA)

From: Suedaleg@aol.com
Date: Tue Jul 04 2000 - 03:01:36 EDT


From a person who makes these beast work 9 hours a day. I have noticed that
some computer clocks (esepecially low end machines and those form "build it
yourself" outfits often run poorly. We have had some loose or gain as much
as an hour a day! This is a real pain if we attempt to run a timed routine.

We have also noticed the distance variation. In transmissions within the US
most e-mail comes in order, but sometimes the mailing seems to come by
different routes and take different amounts of time. Transmissions from
other countries are somewhat unpredictable. A freind in the United Arab
Emirates (Persian Gulf) sends us mail which it seems we get before she sends

You might try arranging your e-mail by time (this is always time of
origination), if your ISP has that option. some permit that, some do not. It
may take some looking.

Dale Greenlee


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