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From: Jason Hare (parousia_occ@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 04:27:28 EDT

Sorry, group. I feel like a complete moron. I just looked in the Greek Concordance (of NT) and found several references that I should have included in my original analysis. I apologize. This small list of appearances is:
<LI>Luke 8.31
<LI>Romans 10.7
<LI>Revelation 9.1,2,11; 11.7; 17.8; 20.1,3</LI></UL>
<P>As to what you find in the NT concerning the word, it is interesting. The demons were afraid that Jesus would send them there before the appointed time. From Paul’s remarks, some of that time may have speculated that someone needed to go there to bring Christ up (if he had not risen). Other than that, the references are in Revelation. It is a place where the dreaded <I>locusts</I> dwell. As a matter of fact, there is apparently even an angel (messenger?) “of the ABUSSOS” (Rev. 9.3). One of the beasts (“the first beast” or “the false prophet”) is said to have come from there (11.7), although the pictures of their emergences onto the scene show them coming from the sea and the dry land (respectively). This is most likely a reference, however, to the beast upon which the whore Babylon sat (which is, indeed, a beast that “will come up out of the ABUSSOS and go to its destruction”).
<P>I hope that I have not done injustice to this word. I will admit that I am very unorganized as far as analyzing is concerned. I just note small things. I hope that you will find something more enlightening than I have. I have chipped away the basic fodder; enjoy the search.
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