[b-greek] Historical novels for NT culture

From: Barbara Haney (mlm@mosquitonet.com)
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 05:58:06 EDT

Now.. "New Testament" time is sort of a big stretch... like are we talking a
hundred years on either side of Christ's life? I have a couple of favorites,
all by the same author. ... "My Dear Lads..." is how ALL his books start,
because he would write them for his sons back home.

G.A.Henty, "For the Temple" is an excellent novel. It casts a young teen boy
next to a fellow named Flavius Josephus (you know.. the historian who wrote
the Antiquities), and you get to travel through Palestine and beyond through
the eyes of the boy.

For slightly earlier...
G.A. Henty, "Young Carthagian" is a similar deal, except instead of
Josephus, you travel through the Punic Wars with a certain fellow named
Hannibal. It starts with a lion hunt and an encounter with Nubians... Ok.. I
won't ruin it for you.

G.A. Henty, "Beric the Breton" is a young boy of Breton, raised by the Roman
occupiers, and then brought back to Breton. While a quite a few years after
the Punic Wars, it offers different insights into Roman's practises.

I was reading them, and I guess I got so involved, that my husband swiped
them. It started off because dinner wasn't quite on schedule (as in...not
thawed), and I put the books down to sort of hasten the thawing
processes...so naturally he decided to see what I was reading..., he got so
engrossed, that he forgot about dinner... I bought them for my boys (who
got them very well read by Mom and Dad), and they are quite good. James
Michner apparently used GA Henty as a model when he was writing (at least, I
read that somewhere...)

However, none really cover say...Paul's travels, or early Greece. I'll see
if any of his "out of print" books cover it if there is interest.

Hope this helps

Barbara Haney
Mom in Fairbanks, Alaska

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