[b-greek] Re: Historical novels for NT culture

From: Joseph Brian Tucker (music@riverviewcog.org)
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 07:58:12 EDT

It appears that _Echoes of His Presence_ may be your answer. Ray Vander
Laan. 1996 ISBN 1-56179-438-4

This book is full of historically accurate (whatever that means), fictional
stories of people Jesus touched. It spans the gap between the history of
Jewish tradition and the nature of Western thinking.
Chapters include:
The Promise: Interacts with ANE blood paths.
The Bridgroom: Gives cultural background of weddings.
The Good Shepherd:
The King: Herodian background

The Rabbi
The Prayer Shawl
The Theater: Good archaeological info.
The Zealot: Political background
The Decapolis
The Living water: Geographical info.

The Jericho Road, triumphal entry, Gestsemane, final sacrifice and feast of

It provides a glossary and annotated bibliography.

This book has been helpful to me in study and inductive sermon preparation.
He even shows awareness of Greek and Hebrew throughout the book.

Brian Tucker
Riverview, MI

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