[b-greek] Re: Historical novels for NT culture

From: L. J. Swain (x99swain@wmich.edu)
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 15:15:51 EDT

I'm not sure these have been mentioned, nor have I read them, but Paul Meier is a
NT man, teaching in the Comparative Religion Dept. at WMU, who has also published a
few novels set in the first century. Can't recommend them other than to say that
they're there. And of course there some classic novels from earlier this century:
Caldwell Taylor, "The Silver Chalice" by a chap whose name I've forgotten, "King
Jesus" was Robert Graves attempt, and of course Ben Hur, which actually isn't a bad
read at all. And someone should have mentioed Quo Vadis? "The Fourth Magi"; and a
couple of others whose covers I can see in my mind, but can't recall the titles
too. But they'll come to me if anyone is interested.

Larry Swain

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