[b-greek] Re: James 1:13 - off topic

From: Kevin L. Barney (klbarney@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 08:51:50 EDT

I also used to believe that IAKWBOS was changed to "James" to honor James I
when the KJV was produced. But that appears to be an old folk tale. A
couple of years ago this question came up and I tried to document the point
and was unable to. Rather, this appears to be a linguistic shift, from
Greek Iakobos to Latin Iacobus to Late Latin Iacomus to French Iames (cf.
the other romance languages, such as Italian Giacomo and Spanish Jaime), to
English James. Or something like that.

As some have pointed out, forms similar to James existed in translations
predating the KJV.

If anyone has information supporting the KJV story, I would be very
interested to see it.

Kevin L. Barney
Hoffman Estates, Illinois

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