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From: B. Ward Powers (bwpowers@eagles.com.au)
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 05:13:11 EDT

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At 08:21 PM 000711 -0400, Mike Sangrey wrote:

>"Mark Wilson" <emory2002@hotmail.com> said:
> > > Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> > > Last question: IAKWBOS
> > >
> > > Why is this James, and not Jacob?
>When the Bible was translated into English the translators changed the
>name of this book, from Jacob to James, in order to honor the King, King James.
>Long live King Jacob.

Subsequent contributions to the List have cast doubt upon this as an
explanation, pointing out that the epistle had the title "James" (and that
"James" rather than "Jacob" appeared in the NT text, here and elsewhere) in
translations rather earlier than 1611.

Fair enough. But what of this business of calling the 1611 translation
itself the "King James Version"? All of you who do this: why do you wish
thus (in perpetuity) to honour King James? True, he chaired the conference
(1604) at which it was decided to make the translation. True, there is in
consequence a polite dedication to King James in the front of this
translation. But these are minor justifications.

Rather, it is historically, and rightly, called the "Authorized Version" -
for, after a period in times past when it fact it was a serious offence
against the church and against the law for a person to possess a
translation of the Scriptures (think of the situation in Wycliffe's day,
and the story of Tyndale), this version was actually AUTHORIZED for people
to read, and hear read in church.

SO: I invite you, join me (on the List and elsewhere) in referring to it as
the Authorized Version or AV (and let King James fade back into the mists
of history).



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