[b-greek] Re: James 1:13

From: wcdjones (wcdjones@pilot.infi.net)
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 05:33:48 EDT

I'll be happy to respond favorably to Ward's challenge to stop
calling the AV Bible the "King James" -- or as I have heard
it called in even less-informed circles, the "Saint James" (thus
proving his point even better).

I would like to add that James I of England was not a king that
many people would like to continue to honor, especially in their
devotional lives. Among other things, he was a hearty proponent
of the very un-English idea of the divine right of kings, and despite
the fact that it was not he but his son Charles who bore the greater
penalty for it, it was James I that set in motion the great contest
with Parliament over sovereignty that led to the English Civil War.
(But of course, just to make sure we keep the confusion alive,
we all know that this time in English history is called "Jacobean.")

Connie Jones
erstwhile English historian
Norfolk, Virginia

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