[b-greek] GK exam

From: wcdjones (wcdjones@pilot.infi.net)
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 19:00:47 EDT

Well, friends--several of whom offered examples of and
advice about a proficiency exam in Greek, which I'm required
to take before I can enroll in NT at Union Seminary. I passed!
And it was very interesting to walk in there, having heard what
suggestions all of you had for what might legitimately be on
such an exam.

I think the test was a very fair one. (Yes, of course she says that--
she passed.....) There was a passage from the Gospel of John of
about 6 verses. I had to render a credible translation of it. Then
about twenty of the words were underlined, and in a separate section,
I was asked all sorts of questions about the words--what form they
were and part of speech, what syntactical role they played in the
sentence, why a particular sentence began with MH, and so on.
Some very easy questions, some more complicated. Was good.

Thanks for all your assistance. You were all there in the room taking
the test with me, weren't you?

Connie Jones
Norfolk, Va. and often Richmond, Va.,
and if I'm lucky in a couple of weeks, Kill Devil Hills NC

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