[b-greek] Re: James 1:13 (off topic)

From: Frank W. Hughes (fwhughes@sunbeach.net)
Date: Sat Jul 15 2000 - 07:45:30 EDT

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The King James Version of the Bible is often known as the Authorized Version.&nbsp;
Questions can be raised as to the appropriateness of the title "Authorized
Version," however.&nbsp; On the title-page are the words "Appointed to
be Read in Churches," but it was in fact never officially authorized by
either Parliament or the Convocations of Canterbury or York, namely the
two authorities in the government and the Church of England.&nbsp; The
Dictionary of the Christian Church</u>, 2nd edition, s.v. "Authorized Version
of the Bible," p. 114, notes: "It immediately superseded the Bishops' Bible,
and won favour by its intrinsic merits rather than by official backing."
<p>It makes no sense to me to call it the "Authorized Version" since it
was never authorized by any group that had either secular or ecclesiastical
<p>Frank W. Hughes, Ph.D.
<br>Lecturer in New Testament Studies
<br>Codrington College
<br>St. John


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