[b-greek] Luke 11:35 MH

From: Cassian DelCogliano (cassian@holyroodguild.com)
Date: Sat Jul 15 2000 - 10:49:26 EDT

Dear Greek Experts,

What would be the exact usage of MH in Luke 11:35, SKOPEI OUN MH PHWS TO EN
SOI SKOTOS ESTIV. It is a case of MH + the indicative. From the grammars I
consulted, I see three possibilites:

(1) as an expression of apprehension (cf. Blass Debrunner Funk 370(3)):
"Take care, then, lest the light in you be darkness."

(2) as a cautious assertion (cf. Moulton I.192): "Look! perhaps the light
in you is darkness."

(3) as an indirect question (expecting a 'no' answer?) (can't remember
where I read this, maybe somewhere in Smyth): "See whether the light in you
is darkness (and I hope it's not!)."

The use of the imperative SKOPEI seems to make #2 unlikely and the english
translations I consulted (RSV, NAB), as well as a french version, interpret
the MH in the manner of #1. I guess I really don't understand the usage of
MH in #1. Could someone explain it? Or is there another kind of usage for
MH being used here which I've completely overlooked?

Thanks much,
Cassian DelCogliano

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