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From: Kevin W. Woodruff (cierpke@prodigy.net)
Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 08:47:13 EDT


The article you referred to is:

 Malina, Bruce J. "Christ and Time: Swiss or Mediterranean?" Catholic
Biblical Quarterly 51:1-31 January 1989.
Hope this helps

I've been reading lot of Malina this summer in preparation for my Exegesis
course I'm teaching. I would recommend his Social-ScienceCommentaries on the
Synoptics, Gospel of John and Revelation. I'm amazed how little we often
know about the sociology of the Biblical world and thereby make awful
exegetical and hermeneutical mistakes because we assume that the social
rules and order of Palestine are those of America and Europe.


At 12:24 PM 7/19/2000 +0100, Maurice A. O'Sullivan wrote:
>At 05:44 19/07/00, B.J. Williamson wrote:
>>Regarding ESCATH, you stated:
>>>The idea, at least as it is translated into English, seems to imply an
>>>event that is, with reference to time, soon to happen.
>>To which Maurice responded:
>>Perhaps the answer is to be found --- even still -- in Ps. 90:4
>> >>To your eyes a thousand years
>> are like yesterday, come and gone,
>> no more than a watch in the night.<<
>>On few occasions, ESCATH can denote "time" in the sense of days, months,
>>and years. But it can only denote that if the CONTEXT develops that idea,
>>not by the use of ESCATH itself.
>In citing Ps 90 I was trying, by a little gentle ( I hope ) irony to show
>Mark that there is no bigger gulf between a twenty first century
>understanding of time and that of the biblical world. But then irony is a
>dangerous device sometimes.
>So I never did think that the psalmist was talking about "time" --- we do
>not have here a metric measure but a cosmic yardstick to reinforce " My
>ways are not your ways, says the Lord ". In fact there is a useful a rule
>of thumb in reflecting on "time" in the Bible in the title of a
>presidential address given some years ago to the Catholic Biblical
>Association of America and subsequently printed in the CBQ ( I do not have
>the details to hand --- doubtless Kevin Woodruff will be able to retrieve
>the details for us ? ). The paper bore the title: "Christ and Time: Swiss
>or Mediterranean ? ".
>Perhaps this ( apocryphal ? ) story will illustrate one point in the paper
>about "peasant" time:
>An Irish academic attending a conference on Celtic Spirituality was asked
>if there was any equivalent of " manana " in Old Irish. " Oh, yes,
>several " was his reply " but none of them have that sense of pressing
>urgency conveyed by 'manana' "
>Maurice A. O'Sullivan [ Bray, Ireland ]
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