[b-greek] EN hYPOMENHi

From: Burt Rozema (Burt.Rozema@trnty.edu)
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 17:18:55 EDT


I need some help with a phrase that one of my faculty colleagues is
struggling with, used by the French philosopher Simone Weil, apparently
more than once. The phrase is EN hUPOME/NHi. Scholars of her work
interpret it to mean something like "with patient endurance." At first
glance, it made good sense to me, but I was reading it as EN hUPOMONHI~,
a phrase used in Luke 8:15 to mean exactly "with patience."

But you can see the difficulty: what looks like a noun is a verb. So I
posited the theory that it was simply a misspelling, but then there's
the accent. hUPOME/NHi is a well formed verb, and I haven't been able
to locate a noun with that spelling. But verbs don't serve as objects
of prepositions. Could hUPOME/NH be a late variant of hUPOMONH/?

I would appreciate any light someone could shine my way.

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