[b-greek] Re: Eph 5:18, EN PNEUMATI

From: Mark Wilson (emory2002@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 16:03:43 EDT

>Eph 5:18, EN PNEUMATI
>>Am re-thinking whether the anarthrous construction here, coupled with
>>the contextual PERIPATEITE EN AGAPNi (5:2), hWS TEKNA QWTOS
>>PERIPATEITE (5:8) and PERIPATEITE ... hWS SOFOI (5:15), shouldn't
>>be taken as an exhortation to be continually filled with spiritual
>>such as love, holiness, and wisdom.
>>Paul Dixon

What has lead me to make this comment is just that I am not aware of any
passages that support being "filled" with love or holiness. In fact, I am
not even sure what that would mean.

But, it seems to me that if Paul is making this conclusion based on EN
PNEUMATI being anarthrous, that this is incorrect. Because I could simply
add the article and arrive at the same conclusion as Paul.

I would then have this (using Paul's words):

"to be continually filled with THE spiritual matters,
such as love, holiness, and wisdom.

In fact, Paul (not the apostle, but the one who posed this question) seems
to be arguing that love, holiness, and wisdom have been recently mentioned.
In this case, I would think it odd that the writer here did NOT include the
definite article. The definite article would more so support Paul's
conclusion, rather than its absence.

"to be continually filled with THE (aforementioned) spiritual matters,
such as love, holiness, and wisdom.

It seems to me that Paul, as well as myself, has misunderstood the
anarthrous construction, but I am not the one to help him.

Could someone address the implications if the article were used in Eph 5:18?

It seems to me that Paul should not be arguing for "spiritual matters" based
on the anarthrous construct here. If Paul believes this is a reference to
"spiritual matters," then the presence or absence of the article is

You would have either:

"spiritual matters"
"the spiritual matters"

Any comments would be appreciated,

Mark Wilson

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