[b-greek] Re: Eph 5:18, EN PNEUMATI

From: TEMsMail@aol.com
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 10:30:17 EDT

<<Furthermore, even if hAGIOU does qualify PNEUMATOS, is it
enough to identify it as the Holy Spirit? Why couldn't it refer to
a holy spirit?>>

I don't know of any Scripture passage where PNEUMATOS hAGIOU or hAGIOU
PNEUMATOS refers to any spirit other than the Holy Spirit, indeed there is no
holy spirit other than the Holy Spirit.

Even the angels are not refered to as holy spirits, but as AGGELOS.

Referring to the Spirit of God and the Spirit of Christ Rom 8:9 reads PNEUMA
QEOU and PNEUMA XRISTOU, both are anarthrous. There is no doubt that both
refer to the Holy Spirit.

In Christ,
Tim Mills

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