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From: Braulio Barillas (parakal@quetzal.net)
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 03:28:50 EDT

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> 4to. The abstinence from wine was fostered by the prophets, e.g. John the
>Baptist, in order for having a distinction between the ecstasies caused by
>the Spirit and that caused by the wine. The Spirit does not abide in the
>mind, which directs or seeks the daily tasks.
> (Already John the Baptist pressed for the METANOEW). Each ecstasies (from
>wine o from the Spirit) expresses its joy, we Christians do it by singing
>hymns of thankfulness. >>
>I didn't check it since reading your post, but my recollection is that John
>the Baptist refrained from anything connected with the grape due to the
>that he was a Nazirite. Are you thinking of something else?
No. I'm not thinking of something else.
Braulio Barillas

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