[b-greek] Re: Definiteness of Anarthrous Nouns in Prepositional Phrases

From: Jay Adkins (JAdkins264@aol.com)
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 06:23:20 EDT

Dale M. Wheeler
> I ran just EN followed immediately by singular nouns and the results
> were:
> 1) with article: 705x
> 2) w/o article: 781x
> My own impression in reading the GNT is that the article with all
> prepositions is omitted between 2/3 and 3/4 of the time, depending
> on the author.

Paul Dixon
> Thanks for the info on the EN constructs. Surely would be nice if we
> could confirm your suspicions with data on some other prepositional
> constructs, like EIS, KATA, etc. On the basis of the above data we
> would probably say it is more like 1/2 of the time that the article is
> omitted. But, the real question is: how many of those anarthrous
> constructs reflect definite nouns?

While I cannot distinguish the number of definite nouns verses indefinite
nouns, using Gramcord to search the use of a singular noun directly
preceded by a preposition I had the following results.

1. with article: 2210 54.2%
2. w/o article: 1865 45.7%

If you have enough spare time, I would be glad to send you the list of
verses so that you may determine which are definite nouns. :-)

Sola Gratia,
        Jay Adkins
Always Under Grace!

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