[b-greek] 1 Cor. 11:16

From: Mark House (mhouse@fuller.edu)
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 13:32:30 EDT

Lurker Dave Spotts, on Mon, 24 Jul 2000 05:48:15 -0400, asks:

> Many modern
> English translations give a phrase "no other practice" for TOUAUTHN
> OUK... while a few use the word "such" for SUNQEIAN. BAGD indicates use
> "such." My question is, grammatically (not theologically, as I see both
> views clearly represented, along with their arguments), is there a valid
> argument for assuming that we have "no such practice" as arguing with the
> practice above an argument for assuming that we have "no such practice" as
> requiring head covering?

Fellow lurker Mark House responds:

Louw/Nida suggests the translation: 'if anyone wants to be quarrelsome
(about this, the fact is) we do not have such a custom' (33.450), which at
least has the merit of avoiding the mistranslation of TOIOUTOS as "other."
I'm not sure it conclusively answers the question as to what custom is in
view -- the custom of PHILONEIKIA or the custom of head coverings. However,
referring to PHILONEIKIA as a "custom" seems strange, particularly in a
context where the discussion centers around particular customs related to
hair and head coverings. I find it more likely that Paul's "no such custom"
refers to the matter of women praying uncovered, which, despite his own
preferences, Paul leaves for the Corinthians to hash out for themselves (1
Cor. 11:13). My suggested paraphrase: "If anyone wants to fight about this,
we have no required practice one way or the other."

Mark House
Dissertation Slave and Adjunct Baby Greek Prof.
Fuller Theological Seminary

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