[b-greek] Semantic Domains Was: Re: Definiteness of Anarthrous Nouns in Prepositional Phrases

From: Francisco Orozco (reformer@hmo.megared.net.mx)
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 12:35:34 EDT

Mike Sangrey wrote in part,

> [3] An interesting research project would be to map the words
> in a letter, say Philippians, to semantic domains. Then ask, and
> answer the question, "What semantic domains function analogously to a
> Global VIP?" One would use the techniques of participant reference,
> articularity, point of departure, etc. I suspect that the major
> theme(s) of the letter would naturally show prominence and you
> would have objective evidence as support it. I also suspect the
> major breaks in the letter would also surface.

Could you explain a bit more what this research project would involve? (If
you could give me an actual example, let say from a few verses in Phil). Are
there books that directly deal with this?

Thank you,
Francisco Orozco

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