[b-greek] Re: b-greek digest: July 30, 2000

From: J. Garnier (nomre2me@home.com)
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 00:59:27 EDT

In speaking of 2 Cor. 5: 21, Harold Holmyard wrote,
> It is probably for English comprehension. If the translation was more
> literal, it might be confusing:
> "God made the one not knowing sin to be sin for us, so that in him we
> become the righteousness of God"
> This could mean that he did not know about sin, or had never seen it. The
> Hebrew idea of experiencing would not necessarily come across. Even if the
> translation was "experiencing," people might think that he had no run-in
> with sin from other people. The idea is that he did not experience sin
> because he never committed it. Since he did not commit sin, he had no sin.

And this could be yet another example where the intellectual's attempt to
simplify and dumb down the Bible for the stupid people of the masses (of
which I would be classed) has rendered a simple and perfectly understandable
phrase awkward and imprecise. hAMARTIAN, rendered sin by intellectuals of
another day, is more precisely missing the target, deviation, but not
deviation as a condition, precise moments or acts of deviation. Jesus was
not knowing a deviant act, and only a fool would believe he had no
experience with one after reading any of the things the intellectual elite
of his day did to him. The literal understanding of the verse is:

for that one not having known a deviant act, he did in behalf of us, in
order that we might become God's righteousness by him

This is not smooth English, and would not win a pulitzer, but as a
translation it is perfectly understandable as it stands written. The
ability to grant oneself poetic license is the first step in the staircase
leading to the arrogant position of being a Bible corrector. MH GENOITO!
                                                                  two cents
of blather, Joseph Garnier

Seattle WA

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