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<< I know that the formal linguistic criteria for markers of prominence and
marked grammatical features could be entered in a computer and traced
through a discourse. >>

I know that Hermeneutica BibleWorks 4 will identify and locate any
combination of words and/or tenses that you can logically specify through
it's "advanced functions." I have been using it for about a year for simpler
searches on words, tenses, and forms. I have yet to do complex searches with
it, simply because I have not yet devoted the time to learn the capacities of
the system by digging through the owners manual. The program does come with
tutorials, which are worth going through more than once, especially for the
learner/new owner of the program.

A major drawback to this Bible program/system is it's expense at over $450
per copy.

A major asset of the system is the ability to use most of the English,
Hebrew, and Greek versions of the Bible, plus many current world languages.
Included are German, French, Latin, Argonese, Vietnamese, and many more.
These translations can be searched by word, phrase, tense, or any combination
of these. BibleWorks can even display interlinear translations of passages,
in either their "pure" form or with the morphology. However, there are some
languages which are not represented, such as Japanese.

BibleWorks has the capability to give definitions from several of the
standard lexicons and Bible dictionaries, such as Louw & Nida and Freiberg,
simply by positioning the mouse cursor over the AV, GNT, or Hebrew words,
with more complex data at the click of the mouse. Searches of the Bible data
bases are completed in seconds, not minutes, and complete data on the search
results are displayed. The search capabilities and complexity of possible
searches is only limited by the knowledge and imagination of the user.

As the version number of "4" indicates, this program is being improved and
updated continuously, and the publishers offer the upgrades at "nominal"
prices, even notifying the owner by snail mail or email hen the updates are
being offered on the market.

Although I have not mastered this program, I would recommend it to students
of God's Word (with deep pockets) as a wise investment for years to come.

Tim Mills

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