[b-greek] Re: Romans 8:8-9, was Discourse Analysis (computer model)

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Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 14:31:32 EDT

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<< The DE in 8:8
 doesn't seem to have as much prominence (if that's the word) as the DE in
 8:9, and NA-27 seems to recognize this. >>


I'll let someone else answer your questions about NA-27.

I agree with you that 8:9 is more prominent than 8:8, but let me reframe the
evidence a bit.

First, an element of contrast or an adversative is always more prominent than
continuity (KAI). I would suggest that the DE in 8:8 signals the same kind
of prominence as 8:8, unless having two consecutively builds up the emphasis
(possible). But what makes 8:9 particularly prominent is the interpersonal
switch from the 3rd person to the second person pl., and the use of 2nd
person pl. pronouns.

So it is the use of DE and three 2nd person pls. (2 pronouns and a verb) that
create more of a 'zone of turbulence' than in 8:8. But prominence is always
relative--next you'd have to ask how 8:9 is functioning--and it looks like
the editors of A-27 might have started a new paragraph because they
recognized a chain of 2nd person plurals in 8:9-11 (EN hUMIN is repeated four
times, and hUMWN once--that's quite a significant pattern).

Cindy Westfall
PhD Student, Roehampton

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