[b-greek] Re: Eph 2:16 EN ENI SWMATI

From: Braulio Barillas (parakal@quetzal.net)
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 21:33:17 EDT

>The expression in the Text "in one body" doubtless makes reference to the
>physical and sacrificed body of JC. in the cross. But if we take into
>account that the greek word reconcile only appears in this verse and in Col
>1:20 the context is referring to the Mystical Body of JC. in which all his
>(its?) members are reconciled.
Or, that in referring directly
>to the physical body of Christ in which the people was reconciled the
>refers by implication to the mystical body of Christ (the Church)?
>Francisco Orozco

Señor Orozco:
>So, are you saying that it refers to *both*? ¡Claro que no! Un solo cuerpo
no puede de ninguna manera referirse al Cuerpo crucificado de Cristo. El
resultado de abolir la ley es que judios y gentiles no sólo han sido
fusionados en un solo pueblo, sino que han sido unificados en un solo
Braulio Barillas

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