[b-greek] Re: 1 Tim. 2:12, meaning of AUQENTEIN

From: Harold R. Holmyard III (hholmyard@ont.com)
Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 - 07:25:06 EDT

>The New RSV translation informs the reader in its footnotes to 1 Timothy
>2:11-12 that the Greek can be translated alternatively as "I permit no wife
>to teach or have authority over her husband". For reasons of context in 1
>Timothy 2 and the 1 Peter 3 parallel, this is far and away the preferred

It is a possible reading of the verse, but the traditional understanding of
a church setting is far more likely. Paul does not have the authority to
forbid a wife to teach her husband. But that is what Paul would be
forbidding in 1 Tim 2:12 according to the above view. There are many other
contextual indicators opposed to the above translation.

                                Harold Holmyard

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