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From: George Young (gwyoung@morgan.ucs.mun.ca)
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 21:04:03 EDT

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Mike Sangrey wrote:

> Would someone be so kind as to do a TLG query of [hO] hUIOS [hO] ANQRWPOS?
> I've used the nominative case, but I certainly would not want to limit it
> that. I suppose ANQRWPOS could (should) be genitive if that has any
> on the query.
> I am particularly interested in extra-Biblical and pre-Christ, non-LXX
> instances.
> Thank you very, very much.


I think the Pseudipigrapha in 2 volumes by Charlesworth has a lot to say on
the Son of Man. There is an index with just this heading in volume 2 (I
believe). As you probably already know, there are several instances of 'Son
of Man' in 1 Enoch; indeed, much of the 'Son of Man' eschatology within the
NT is believed to have originated from 1 Enoch (see the citation in Jude).
However, I would still do a search on TLG.

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